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Photos and comments about the Best Craft Organizers in the homes of our customers!

Submitted by: Deb M - Orange Park, FL

Absolutely LOVE it!

I love my new furniture! I have had this week off work and spent part of the week organizing my stuff into my new furniture and it's the best ever! I was thinking about spending time creating a "stamp index" which would have taken "years" as I have so many stamps but with my new furniture and the labeled drawers I can find EVERYTHING and won't need any other organizing system.

Thank you so much for making my stamp room a joy to work in!

Deb M 1 Deb M 2



Submitted by: Lorretta G - MOULTON, AL

To say that I love my desk is the understatement of the century!

loretta 4In the photo (to the left) you will see about half of the boxes, baskets, totes, and other various containers I unpacked and loaded into my new desk from "Best Craft Organizer". To say that I love my desk is the understatement of the century!

I purchased the desk and hutch and put it in my new craft room, and I've had such fun placing all my buttons, tags, paper clips, and other hardware into the drawers with those wonderful divisions. (pictured below)

loretta 1loretta 3Now, I can go in and find everything in a breeze! No more searching for some small item among a mess of papers, stickers and other scrapbooking equipment. I'm ready to go when I sit down to work on cards, scrapbooks, and paintings.

I feel like I'm driving a new Cadillac! Best of all my husband, Danny, gave it a 1.5 on a scale of 10 (10 being the hardest) to put together. The drawers, shelves and paper trays were clearly labeled and all the hardware was clearly marked.

This desk (picture right and below) cleared the room of so much clutter and so many boxes that I just had to send in the above photo. After all was said and done, I have a neat room with lots of work-space and now it's much more fun to create and decorate!

I love it so much I ordered another product, the double mini stackable, full of paper trays.

loretta 2Now, its almost like having my very own scrapbook store. Thanks to all the gang at First Choice Products Inc. for being so helpful when I was ordering.

Sometimes I was a little confused about what I could put where, but they always had an answer for me, and could tell me exactly how much room I had left to play with and what I could fit in the remainder of the shelves.

I wish I'd known about this product long ago, it would have made my life so much easier! Thanks to all of you at BEST!

Submitted by: Alice G.

alice g 4 alice g 2
alice g 3

Submitted by: Barbara B.

barbara b

Submitted by: Judy W.

judy w

Submitted by: Karen W.

I love my new units, there is so much room and everything is top notch quality. Wish I had found these years ago!!!

karen w 1 karen w 2

Submitted by: Tracy N.

tracy n1 tracy n2

Submitted by: Priscilla K.

pricilla 1 pricilla 2
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Submitted by: Michele M.

michelle m

Submitted by: Janet N.

I've never had a better organizer

cus 12

Submitted by: Linda W.

When I saw this system, I had to have it.

cus 13

Submitted by: Memory Weavers BC, Canada

Since we have put the Best Scrapbook Shelf system in, our paper sales have increased substantially.

cus 13

Submitted by: Linda C.

This is the BEST, by far, organization system I have seen/used. I have been involved in rubber stamping and crafts since the early '80's and everyone who has seen them can't believe how GREAT these cabinets are. They are easy to put together, extremely sturdy, and easy to use (and fill!). The drawers are incredible in holding everything I have from punches, tools/accessories, embellishments, and stamps - both loose and in plastic containers. I have sent pictures to my long distance friends and they are truly amazed and eager to get them for themselves! I HIGHLY recommend these!!

cus3 cus 13

Submitted by: Lynne A.

I had been looking a long time for the perfect organization tool for my scrapbooking materials. When I saw this, I thought it was just what I had been looking for. It feels so wonderful to have all my things organized and I'm able to find everything! This was well worth the money. I will definitely be buying more in the near future.


Submitted by: Sandi L.

The craft organizer desk I bought is worth every penny. The materials are sturdy, the construction is very solid, and assembly was easy. It's an attractive piece of furniture, then the storage really seals the deal! I use the smaller drawers on the left side to organize scrapbook pages in progress--one drawer for each page. The other side, with larger drawers, organizes supplies and tools that I use frequently. Even my husband commented he thought our family room was improved in appearance when I added this desk! I liked it so well I just recently added a mini kit on casters with paper shelves. Having my materials so well organized really helps motivate me to get to work on all those scrapbooks! Thanks for a terrific product, just wish I had room to add more.


Submitted by: Vicki E.

I absolutely love my Best Crafter's Desks and Mini Stackables! You can tailor the shelving and drawers to fit your particular needs and it is AMAZING how much they can hold without taking up a lot of floor space. They are the perfect choice for me because they have completely transformed my once cluttered and overflowing craft room into an inviting and organized place to create.

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