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Cabinet Kits

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Wall Boxes
Wall Box

A unique wall mounted storage system and other specially designed storage products

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  • Craft room, scrapbooking, jewelry making organization & storage.
  • See how the BEST CRAFT ORGANIZER drawers/paper shelves fit in the IKEA KALLAX/EXPEDIT cubes!

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Single Mini Kit C - Maple

Regular Price: $210.00

Special Price $159.00

Double Mini Kit B - White

Regular Price: $320.00

Special Price $239.00

Single Mini Kit T - White

Regular Price: $182.00

Special Price $149.00

Triple Large Kit R - White

Regular Price: $800.00

Special Price $599.00

Triple Large Kit K  - Maple

Regular Price: $900.00

Special Price $679.00

Double Mini Kit D1 - Maple

Regular Price: $344.00

Special Price $269.00

Kallax & Expedit Insert - Kit K1

Regular Price: $116.00

Special Price $89.00

Kallax & Expedit Insert - Kit K2

Regular Price: $81.00

Special Price $59.00

Kallax & Expedit Insert - Kit K3

Regular Price: $76.00

Special Price $59.00

Kallax & Expedit Insert - Kit K4

Regular Price: $89.00

Special Price $69.00

Kallax & Expedit Insert - Kit K5

Regular Price: $80.00

Special Price $59.00

Kallax & Expedit Insert - x 2 (3  panel sets)

Regular Price: $52.00

Special Price $39.00

Craft Storage, Ribbon storage, Stamp and Dye Storage, Hobby Storing, Collectables You'll love our solutions for craft organization and storage. Give your materials for creating works of art the home they deserve.

conveniently store items for crafting and scrapbooking with Best Craft Organizer wide selection of craft storage and scrapbook storage supplies

The Best Craft Room Storage Furniture & Closet Organization Solutions. At Best, Craft Organizer we might not be able to help you find more time for your hobby, but we can help you find innovative craft room furniture ideas. We have everything from modular storage cubes and tower organizers

Every artist needs a dedicated space – be it for DIY, sewing, or making jewelry. This mobile, versatile, and compact storage unit means you can keep all your creative materials in one place and take them with you, from room to room, without having to put them all away when you're not working on something.

Storage Systems custom made for business solutions. Salons, Hair Stylist, Tattoo shops, Dental Offices, these are the perfect storage systems for all your needs

Great Storage systems for Fishing Tackle, Collectables, Toys, Jewelry, Dolls. Customize your system to your needs; we ship anywhere in North America

Commercial and Home Storage Cabinets. Low Prices, In Stock & Ready to Ship, Order Now, Huge Selection · Fast Shipping · Shop Online · Satisfaction Guarantee, slot wall systems, ribbon spooler, ink pad storage single, double and triple wide cabinets

Plastic Storage Systems for your home or office available now, free shipping across North America. Can be used for all craft enthusiasts, collectors, angler for tackle and supplies, dental offices for tools, tattoo shops for ink and tools. Customize your storage system, best prices you will find anywhere

Storage Systems The Mini-Stackables are manufactured to easily support the weight of 100 lbs. Our product comes with a 1-Year Warranty. All three sizes of drawers can hold up to 12lbs of weight. Making them a great storage solution for heavy metal punches, glass seed beads and other crafting tools. The drawers and rails have been created with a drawer stop which will prevent the drawer from sliding out. If you toggle the drawer left then right it will come completely out. The left and right rails have two small knobs one on top of the other that can be filed down to eliminate this resistance.

The 1" drawers will fit any standard rubber mounted stamp and the 2" drawer will allow them to be double stacked. If you have the Stampin' Up stamps and would like to keep them in their packages they will fit into the 1' drawers

The "BEST" craft organizer system has been designed to be modular so that you can select the combination that best suits your storage needs.The 1" Drawers are great for rubber mounted stamps, projects on the go, small tools, pens, punches and beads or embellishments in the 1" insert, etc. The 2" Drawers work well for larger tools and punches, storage boxes, larger bead and embellishments in the 2" insert etc. The 3½" Drawers can hold fat quilting quarters, tools that won't fit in the 2" drawer, yarn, books, etc.The Paper Shelves are designed to hold approx. 50 sheets of cardstock. These are a stationary shelf, they do not slide like the drawers. Our 1" and 2" Inserts are a great addition to separate and organize smaller items like; beads, findings, eyelets, brads, ribbon, charms, etc

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